Quality Crate Construction

Pro Dog Crates are made from high-strength welded aluminum tubing, which forms the frame of the crate. Doors are constructed of welded aluminum rods. All aluminum is clear-coated to protect white-coated breeds.

Impact-resistant ABS plastic is attached to the framing using all-aluminum rivets. Exterior and interior color is white. The exterior has a textured finish. The inside is a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Holes in the sides and back are provided for maximum air flow. Handles on the front and back of the crate provide for safe lifting and carrying of individual crates. A spring latch and lock hasp secure the crate door. The door hinge is aluminum.

The framing inside the crate forms a pan which is sealed to prevent spills from leaking out of the bottom of the crate or under the frame.

The above features make Pro Dog Crates lightweight, rust and stain resistant, and sturdy.

We recommend reading the Care Instructions for more information.

Cart and rolling dolly are constructed of an aluminum frame with four 4-inch casters – two are swivel casters with brakes, and two are rigid casters. A hole is drilled on each of the four rails for securing crates to cart with a bungie or pull-strap. Two eye-bolts are located on the front for adding a pull-rope (not included). ABS plastic can be added to create a platform.

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