Crate Options

The "Nexus" crate can come with a variety of options:
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  • Grooming Tops - Added to the top of crate. Choose black or gray natural rubber. Built-in grooming tops are the typical installation method.
  • Grooming Arms - Fixed or folding arms available. Two sizes available: 3/8-inch-round for small crates; 3/4-inch-round for large crates.
  • Airline Rails - Attached or removable.
  • Doors - Add more doors or bars on side.
  • Door Latches - Left or right side.
  • Fan Bar/Coop Cup Bar - Eight-inch bar screws on at the level needed.
  • Wire Floor - Built to fit crate.
  • Rolling Cart - Sized to fit crate or bottom crates, or sized larger to hold other tack on the side.
  • Plastic bottom for carts.

Contact us for pricing on all Options, including special ideas or needs.

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