Stacked Units

Nexus Pro Stacked Unit
Nexus II Double Stack

Our Nexus Standard Crates and Nexus Pro Custom Crates can be made into stacked units to roll to ringside, roll into a grooming area at a show, or roll into other places where you may need to take crates in and out.

Stacked units typically have our show package added. The show package is a grooming top and grooming arm for each top crate, plus a rolling cart to fit the bottom crate or crates. This is optional.

Latches hold all of the individual crates together. This allows one to arrange them into a vehicle for traveling on the road.

Nexus I Double Stack - $518.48

Nexus I Quad Stack - $966.96

Nexus II Double Stack - $704.74

Nexus II Quad Stack - $1339.48

Contact us for pricing on other stacked units.

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