Please take a few minutes to review some basic care instructions for your new Pro Dog Crates.

  1. If your crates were shipped to you, upon arrival please inspect your crates immediately. If there is damage to the crates from the shipping, save the packing material, and contact us immediately at 214-263-8004. If you are able to, email us digital photos of the damaged areas of the crates at In order to file a claim with the shipping service we will need to know about any problems in a timely manner. The shipping service will want to pick up the package(s) in their original packing to inspect for a claim.
  2. Enclosed are some Velcro sticky dots. You may want to install these to keep handles from bouncing during travel. We suggest that you apply them on the underside of the handle, off-center, with the soft part on the handle and the plastic loop part on the crate (one per handle is sufficient). Some people have also used felt dots to dampen the rattle of handles.
  3. When cleaning crates DO NOT use cleaning products that contain abrasives like Soft Scrub, scouring pads, steel wool, etc. We recommend using products like Lysol Foaming Spray, Pine-Sol, etc.
  4. Do not leave crates out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this may cause yellowing of the ABS plastic. Crates with grooming tops should never be left outside in direct sunlight. The grooming tops are made from natural rubber and may pucker or shrink when left in direct sun.
  5. Be mindful of your door latches. Do not cram ex-pens up against the door latch. Hitting the door latch with, or constant rubbing against, a hard object could cause them to not function properly.
  6. Do not lean, press, or hang your full body weight onto the grooming arm or crate doors. This could cause the doors to become misaligned, bend hinges, or cause the grooming arm attachment to dislodge.
  7. To clean grooming tops, spray with a foaming spray (Lysol) and use your high-powered grooming blower to blow the foam to the side. Wipe away with a damp rag. You can also use a wide paint brush to brush out debris from the crevasses.
  8. Over time or with heavy cleaning your crates may require some general maintenance by you. The clear coating on the aluminum may need to be re-sprayed or the caulk sealant may need to be replaced. The caulk and spray are items that may be purchased from us or at your local hardware store. Just be sure to mask off the ABS plastic when clear-coating the aluminum.
  9. We do not recommend that you spray your crates with spray paint to change the color. The paint may not adhere and may be easily scratched off.
  10. When shipping crates on airlines with carts attached to the top, clearly mark the TOP of the crate with a big sign. Some airline employees want to flip the crate with the wheels on the bottom, even though this is against airline policy.

With a little care your crates should last you a long time. We hope you enjoy using them.

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